As it emerges from Vietnam’s southern tip, the charming island of Phu Quoc rightfully deserves the Pearl Island nickname. Holding unseen beauty inside it, it provides plenty of ways to live life here. Some of these are illustrated in the following tours.


There is an exciting ecosystem living inside the limpid waters of Phu Quoc, full of healthy coral reefs, many different types of fish, and more beauty that a human mind can digest easily. Taking diving or snorkeling or scuba diving tour is indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you decide to join one or set out on your own, know that it is best to run this trip in the morning as the seas can get pretty rough in the afternoon, and you want to be onshore when that happens! So start the day early and begin this fascinating dive into the rich Phu Quoc underwater world at some of the greatest dive sites on the island enjoying calm, current-free waters, such as:

  • Hon Ko – When looking at Hon Ko from up above, many people falsely believe that it is nothing more than a bunch of rocks rising from the water. Once down there, though, everything changes as if by magic. Besides an impressive reef system, Hon Ko also boasts a rich plethora of tropical fish, like rays, catfish, and bamboo sharks, as well as a fab selection of nudibranchs and miter shells, to name a few.
  • Nudibranch Gardens – You will find it on the east side of Phu Quoc, and it will surely leave you in awe. Being the perfect diving spot for beginners due to its shallow depth, Nudibranch Gardens is also one of the most phantasmagoric sites on the island and home to more than 2,000 nudibranchs species. Diving here will also allow you to come face to face with bamboo sharks, which, most of the time, prefer to relax underneath a rock. Because of its low depth, you can also appreciate the Gardens with a snorkel!
  • Turtle Island – This small island on the northeastern coast of Phu Quoc (about an hour’s boat ride) is ~50 metres in length and no more than 10 metres deep, which makes it the ideal location to explore marine life with relative ease. Surrounded by shallow, calm waters, Turtle Island is also a hospitable habitat for cute creatures like yellowtail damselfish, blue-ringed angelfish, stonefish, and a blossoming environment for the coral reefs the life around them.
  • An Thoi Islands – Those looking to take their adventure to the next level will find An Thoi Islands challenging for their diving skills as they provide dive sites that can reach 25 metres. This small group of around 15 islets off the south coast of Phu Quoc is listed as one of the most spectacular dive sites in the country. From gigantic sea urchins and butterfly fish to scorpionfish, parrotfish, and fan corals, you have a lot of marine life to startle you. Bamboo sharks and blue-spotted rays also pass by, so you may as well spot one or two as you splash these waters.
Now, if you prefer to go scuba diving or snorkeling, these sites will also do, so give them a try. However, you could also consider May Rut Island, Dam Ngang, and Finger Island as they are too on the list of the best snorkeling sites around Phu Quoc. They are full of colourful fish and some of the most diverse coral reefs on this planet.

Note: To be able to enjoy this tour the most, it might be best to plan these activities anytime between November and May. That way, the weather will be your cordial ally, allowing you to take in every single moment of this experience.


The largest wildlife conservation park in Vietnam is found at Vinpearl Safari. It is ready to treat you to a plethora of fun games and activities for all ages while offering you the chance to spot rare animals such as beautiful flamingos, giraffes, striped hyenas, gibbons, African lions, and Bengal tigers, etc. The best way to get around the park and see it all is by taking a safari bus tour as the place is massive, and exploring it on your own may cause you to miss some interesting sites (or even get lost).

As for Vinpearl Land, it is an excellent option for families too and a fantastic place for some wild splashes in the wave pools. Glide down the water slides at the water park and spike your adrenaline at the amusement rides. If you still have enough energy after all this fun, do enter the aquarium as it is indeed worth it, especially if you are lucky enough to attend a live show at the theater! Hungry? The food village is full of delicious foods to quench your appetite. Go back in. There is still the indoor games arcade, the artificial beach, and live shows that you have not yet played, visited, or seen!


A tour to the Phu Quoc National Park, which is half the island, is not to be missed. Take your time and let your eyes get used to such profound beauty, unlike anything else seen before. Natural cliffs, verdant valleys, lush forests, karst limestone formations, swirling rivers, beautiful ponds, and so many more comprise a scenery that is hard to imagine. While there, you can take a short hike, go on a kayak ride, throw yourself to some romantic paddling with your significant other, tour local farms and enjoy a bit of sunbathing and swimming at Long Beach.


The Mekong Delta is a popular pole of attraction that offers you the chance to realize how simple life is here, see the villages located on the banks of the Delta, visit the Floating Market of Cai Rang, and, why not, spend a night abroad a wooden cruise boat under a star-lit sky.

You will soon acknowledge that the little communities here are like buzzing beehives, with everybody doing a specific task, mainly related to rice growth or fishing. There are also fruit orchards and lots of local produce that the locals use to create delicious dishes, which you may taste if you wish to while you are there. This journey can easily be a 2-day or even 3-day cruise and can stretch to Ho Chi Minh City if you want to go even further. Without a doubt, though, spending the night on the Mekong River can be mind-blowing as you will be surrounded by pristine beauty and so much bustling life around you. Even the sound of the river and the sight of the rising rise are a marvel on their own.

The next morning, after a briefing with locals, you can hop on a sampan and travel to the Floating Market of Cai Rang. You can purchase anything from local handicrafts to exotic vegetables and fruit that are so abundant around here from friendly merchants on their boats, who love to chat with foreign people. After another full day, you can head to Rach Gia and catch the ferry to Phu Quoc or continue sailing with your boat, speedboat, or whatever else.


If you have some 8 hours to spare on a speedboat, you can have a fantastic day exploring not only one but up to four exotic islands around Phu Quoc within a day. Fingernail, Dam Ngang, May Rut, and Pineapple Islands invite you to views that are just beyond words. The beaches are simply amazing, with magnificently white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters. As for the vistas at the archipelago, they can be heart-stopping. With the jungle behind the shores, each small paradise island looks like a postcard image.

There are many activities on this tour, including fishing, swimming, discovering coral reefs, etc. Don’t forget to enjoy a catered lunch prepared freshly on-site, cook with fish you caught, and other delicious seafood.