Conveniently tucked at the east coast of Phu Quoc, less than 20km from the centre of Duong Dong Town, Ham Ninh Commune is home to peaceful beaches, the beautiful Bai Vong Port, and the charming village with untouched splendour of Ham Ninh, particularly famous for its nightly fishing tours in pursuit of squid.

Ham Ninh is believed to have been founded by fishermen and people from other places that came to the then deserted island to exploit seafood before nobody-knows-how-many-years-exactly. Some references place Ham Ninh as a hamlet of Phu Quoc under Ming Dynasty in the Ham Chau District, and changed hands several times at the beginning of the French colonial period, as it was mastered by Kien Gian, then Rach Gia, and finally Ha Tien. It was not until 1874 that the village eventually became part of the Phu Quoc District. However, its “masters” succeeded one another even still, and moved around a lot, from a community belonging in the Pha Quoc District to Ha Tien District to Chau Doc and then back to Ha Tien District; and, all that within a decade until 1888.

Over the years, Ham Ninh became a thriving fishing village and a safe and quiet mooring spot for both boats of people fishing in the wider Duong Dong sea region and ships from the mainland that often drop anchor here and deliver seafood and transport goods. Even when surrounding areas become crammed with people and the influences of modern life, Ham Ninh maintains its rustic appeal and lives in perfect harmony with nature. All that aside, it is now also one of the most abundant sources providing Phu Quoc with fresh crab and cheap seafood year round. In fact, the fish is so plentiful here that you can even see the pier swarmed by little children selling starfish that they caught in the shallow waters surrounding the village!

There is much to fall in love with this charming place. With majestic Ham Ninh Mountain and lush green jungles as the backdrop and an idyllic setting during low tide, when the shores turn into vast stretches of sand, or at high tide, when the floods nurture the land and lick the edge of the forest, Ham Ninh can literally steal your heart stone after stone. Distinguished by thatched bamboo leaves houses and facing the immense shimmering sea, it offers sweeping views up to the Nghe Islet and Pirate Island in the south and Ong Doi Headland (the last headland of Phu Quoc) in the south, alongside some of the most romantic sunsets.